"A lovely sample library ... You are not going to find these sounds anywhere else. I auditioned the samples one by one and I got incredibly itchy to start messing with them right away - they are so inspirational and musical."

                                                                                              Ronnie on rekkerd.org, September 2009 

 "Each note has a different mechanical preparation and was recorded for its full duration at several Velocities. These make exceptional semituned percussion instruments. For more conventional playing, presets are provided that map a single sound across the keyboard."

                                                                                        Len Sasso in Electronic Musician, April 2005

  New Kontakt 3 and Battery 3 versions featured in Electronic Musician Podcast of July 2009: "... very playable and create very interesting sounds".  Part about the Prepared Rhodes begins at 22:09, listen to it or download it from HERE



  It's a real Rhodes that is prepared as John Cage and others prepared an acoustic piano, that means you insert springs, plastic tubes, pins, etc., all kinds of objects inside the piano.  These objects when touching the strings or the tines change the sound of each key played.  All the notes can be radically different from each other and often you don't even recognize the original sound.  You get an instrument that is much more percussive in nature.  Read the full description HERE

  There are 2 main programs that emulate the actual instrument where each key has a different sound.  The first one covers 72 keys, the second one 52 keys.  Each key has a unique sound with up to 6 velocity layers.  The sample set size is 63,2 MB containing 360 samples (32 MB download).

  Also included are patches simply made from one sound mapped across the keyboard and you can create your own.  These make fun semituned percussion instruments.  Their number vary according to each specific format.  Moreover, as each platform has unique features, you will find additional patches using these features. Details below for each specific format.

  Downloadable demos:  Battery 3, Kontakt 3 and wav HERE    soundfont    

  New, Mobile version is available for $1.99. IT IS INCLUDED with the purchases made on this page. Click HERE for more info. 


  MP3 demos

 As there are different versions of the PR, I have indicated with which format(s) these MP3s can be made (also in the ID3 tag).  Except where noted there's only the PR used in the MP3s and the name of the patch is indicated by the title or in the ID3 tag when applicable.

 Bach 2 parts invention #13 v1  (all)    Bach 2 parts invention #13 v2  (all)   
 Distorted PR  through an amp sim (all)     Fairytale  (K3, Battery 3)    Harplike 2 (K3, Battery 3)
Vibrating Orient (all)    Softy  (K3, Battery 3)    Site under Construction  (K3, Battery 3) 
 Very very Strange 1 (Kontakt 3)    Very very Strange 2 (Kontakt 3)    Random 02  (K3, Battery 3)  
 Music Box  (soundfont, K3, Battery 3)    Harplike  (soundfont, K3, Battery 3)    Drifting Duo  (K3, Battery 3)  
 Distorted Japan  (K3, Battery 3) arpeggiated in K3 with phaser and delay    
 in Quad Zamp 1    Quad Zamp 2 (Wav) with pitch randomization

 The Prepared Rhodes can be excellent on its own, but it can also be used to double drum hits. For the audio examples below, I have used an excellent acoustic kit from the RMIV and the Prepared Rhodes (good at adding an unusual touch) with a complex pattern from the Groove Monkey lib, plays twice straight then twice doubled. The snare and the hats are not doubled:  Doubled by PR

 Demo made by Ronnie from Rekkerd, all sounds from the Prepared Rhodes. Done with a Kontakt multi of 6 instruments, and about halfway has some standard Kontakt delay and filter effects on one of the sounds.  Demonstrates well the versatiliy of this set:  Rekkerd demo


 Note that the 2 pakages below ALSO INCLUDE the Mobile version that is on the Sounds for iPad and iPhone page, BUT NOT the Caustic 2 version.

 Wav files and Soundfont :  wav files and soundfont can be used with any sampler or software that supports them.  The soundfont includes 43 programs (38 semituned instruments). 

 1- WAV FILES and SOUNDFONT $ 6.99 US  :   


 Native Instruments Battery 3 and Kontakt 3 with the wav files and soundfont: both have over 115 kits/patches including 67 semituned instruments and 47 (55 for K3) extra patches where the samples are twisted and warped with their granular synthesis engine.  With it the samples take a whole new dimension and the results vary from clean sounds evocative of traditional instruments to weird SFX. Note that it does not include the Mobile version.

 2- BATTERY 3 and KONTAKT 3, $ 9.99 US  :   





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