"Browsing the instruments is quite an adventure, unique & unusual indeed."  from the review, read the full review HERE


 The concept: often when I use one-shot samples, I would like to have them play higher or lower without changing their duration and/or having them slow down or speed up.  That gave me the idea for this set.  The set contains 101 sounds and over 2500 chromatically mapped samples (205 MB).  The complete list of programs is HERE

 To achieve this, I resynthesized one-shot samples to make them chromatic and playable across the keyboard.  Most of the original samples used for resynthesis come from our Electronic drums/percussions kits and the Sidekick sets.  I also created 25 new original sounds.  All the above were made with various drum softsynths.  On the acoustic side, there are 7 cymbals, 2 hi-hats and 1 cowbell (courtesy from Manytone).

 The result: many sounds that can be used as tuned or semi-tuned percussions and others (like the cymbals) where you have low and high pitched sounds of the same speed and lenght.  Good for chromatic percussion (metallic and others), keyboard like instruments and sound FX.  All programs have 4 samples per octave and most cover at least 6 octaves. 

 Available in wav, sfz and Native Instruments Kontakt 3 formats.

 Download the demos:     sfz and wav      Native Instruments Kontakt 3 (28 instruments)  

  Note that the 2 packages below do not include the BeatMaker 2 and the smaller soundfont versions that are on the Sounds for iPad and iPhone page, nor the Caustic 2 version.


   Wav + sfz formats: $ 9.99 US 



  Crossgrade from this package to the "All formats" package are available, email me for details. 


   Kontakt 3 and sfz formats + wav: $ 15.99   


 Native Instruments Kontakt 3 version with 211 instruments. The first 101 instruments correspond to the programs of the original version. The other 110 make use of Kontakt 3 features. I mainly combined the samples in various creative ways: layers, velocity layers, cycle groups and random groups. I did not use much the filters or the FXs as I preferred to design dry presets and let you apply processing and/or filters as you like. But still there a few instruments with filters and/or FXs.  Please refer to the text files included with the demo for the complete list of the instruments and more details.

 IMPORTANT: the instruments files are for Kontakt 3 only and will not work with previous versions of Kontakt.


MP3 demos

 Simple demos, featuring 1 sound each:   

 Electro Buzz  Cym Bell pattern  Ping Marimba  Ping 01
 String Bass  String Hi  Low End  Laser Hi
 Dub Noisy Hit 1  Metal Brush 3 (reverb)  Low End (demo 2)  
 Hat Rising (example of Open hihat's pitch raising by 3 half-steps between each hit) Chime 2b (made with Orion Platinum Jazz Piano style)  Metal Brush 01 (delay +  disto)


 Demos with layered or multiple sounds:  

 3 layers (Chime 6, Hard Hit 4, Electro Buzz with reverb at the end)  3 layers 02 (Sweep lo 2,  Ploc, Dub Hit 2)  2 layers (Ping Marimba + Bell Like Bright)
Sequence with 7 differents Chromatic Hits sounds (Heavy Machine, Small Bell, Human Mech, Buzz 03, Sweep Lo, Bowed Bell, Metal Brush 03): Fantasia
Sequence with 4 tracks. The bass and snare parts are from the Chromatic Hits set, the kick is from the Sidekick set, the guitar is from the ManyStation:  Trio
Pattern drum machine style with 6 sounds (Bell Bright, Metal Brush 01, FX 03, Dub Noisy Hit 01, Metal 01): Pattern 5 bars

 All the above examples feature original unprocessed sounds and can be realised with any of the versions available.  All are dry, no processing, except where noted.


 Kontakt 3 versionsnote that the MP3s in the first table were made with the now discontinued Emulator X2 version and those in the second one with Kontakt 3.  I left the first table because the EMU X2 and K3 versions are sonically similar and almost interchangeable.  No external processing.  

 Alien Caves  Phased Machine    
 Mini Chromatic Grab Bag (random groups)  Confused Bunch (preset with random groups)  Metal Brushes Cycle of 3 (cycle groups or Round Robin)

 Celtic Dreams  Exotic Percussion 01  Multi Triple Random FX
 Hard Hits Cycling  Triple Metal  Outer Space + Phased Machine



  Looking for the smaller (and cheaper) mobile versions? Click HERE for the Caustic 2 version and HERE for the BeatMaker 2 and soundfont formats.


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